Episode 10

Published on:

28th Feb, 2023

Episode 8

Published on:

25th Nov, 2022

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13th Oct, 2022

Episode 6

Published on:

31st Aug, 2022

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World of Soundtracks
An in-depth look at movie and TV Soundtracks, exploring how stories are told through music and the ways these musical ideas carry both the narrative and emotional journey.
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Ruth Mudge

Ruth Mudge, a former native of Connecticut, is a cello instructor and performer in the Western Suburbs of the Chicago area.  She grew up playing both the piano and cello in a musical household. The love and knowledge she received in that home and teachers she loves to share with others, whether through teaching a new generation of musicians to sharing her musical gifts to her community.
Ruth began teaching Soundtrack classes on Zoom in 2020 ranging from Star Wars to Harry Potter to Jane Austen adaptations. She presented a break-out session "The World of Jane Austen Soundtracks" at JASNA's AGM in 2021 as well as to local chapters around the country. She has also collaborated with YouTube channel "Jorah the Andal" on several videos focused on the TV show "Arrow."